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Boating Safety Links


There are numerous websites dedicated to boating safety. Just a few appear below. Sites maintained by non-profit organizations as well as the Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary offer a wealth of safety knowledge to any concerned boater!

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US Coast Guard Office of Boating Safety: Probably the most comprehensive of all, this website provides numerous safe boating tips plus information on state regulations and product recalls.

Navigation Rules: It's your responsibility to know the traffic laws of the waterways!  This link offers the most up to date rules that will ensure good seamanship and help avoid collisions!.

MD State Requirements for Recreational Boaters: For Maryland boaters, a comprehensive source of state navigation rules, environmental laws and Personal Watercraft (PWC) regulations.

Boating Safety Checklist: Know what you need to have onboard before leaving the dock! Here's a simple list of the 23 items you should have, compliments of the US Coast Guard!

Waypoints: This is a US Coast Guard electronic newsletter dedicated to boating safety. You can subscribe to received this free newsletter monthly via e-mail.

Lots of Knots: Knowing the right knot to use can keep you out of trouble! This great website uses animation to show you exactly how its done!

Personal Floatation Devices (PFDs): This Coast Guard link includes graphic images and explanations on the proper use of various PFDs. 

Float Plan Central: There's more to this site than how to complete a Float Plan! Included is an interactive "Boating Emergency Guide" and real life stories of how Float Plans have saved lives!

Weather Related:

NOAA's National Weather Service Marine Forecasts: Use your zip code for up-to-date marine forecasts in your area.

NOAA Radio: Listen on-line to NOAA forecasts, including marine forecasts, originating from Leesburg, VA.

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