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CGAUX National Website

Auxiliary Flotilla Procedures Manual

Auxiliary National Supply Center

USCG Auxiliary History

Fifth District, Southern Region Website

Auxiliary Knowledge Base

Navigation Rules On-Line


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SITREP e-Newsletter

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Coast Guard Uniform Distribution Center

Shop Auxiliary

Lighthouse Uniform

5th District Online Store

Name Tags

Vanguard (Belts, Badges, Devices, Ribbons)

8th District Used Uniform Exchange

Ultra Thin Custom Ribbon Set

Ted's Military Surplus (ODU Shorts)


Member Activity Forms

PDF Version Form 7029

Webform Version Form 7029

PDF Version Mission Activity Report 7030

E-Form Mission Activity Report 7030 Email to:

Activity Report Vessel Exams 7038: E-mail to:


General Training Links

CGAUX Virtual Classroom: Mandatory Training

CGAUX E-Learning

Auxiliary C School Portal

Auxiliary C School Matrix

CGAUX National Education Dept/Approved Training Aids

National Testing Center (New On Line Testing As of August '07)

Animated Knots


Good District, Division & Flotilla Member Training Pages


Flotilla 08-07 (Lake Anna, VA)



Administrative Procedures (AUXAPC)

AUXAPC Procedures Instructor Guide

AUXAPC Procedures Student Study Guide


Instructor Development Course (IDC)


Instructor Development Course Text

Appendix A: Student Study Guide

Appendix B: PQS Workbook

Appendix C: Mentor Guide

Vessel Examiner (VE)

VSC Training Page

VSC Manual

New Member Links

New Member Enrollment Application

New Member Reference Guide

New Member Handbook

New Member Course Examination

New Member Examination Answer Sheet

List of Commonly Used Acronyms and Abbreviations

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